Stéphanie Wojcik

Associate researcher

Lecturer in Information and Communication Science
University Paris-Est Créteil
Researcher at the Centre d’étude des discours, images, textes, écrits, communications (CEDITEC, EA 3119)


About Stéphanie Wojcik

Stéphanie Wojcik is a Senior Lecturer in Information and Communication Science. She teaches in the Department of Communication and Public Policy at the Université Paris-Est Creteil, where she is in charge of Master 1, Political and Public Communication in France and Europe. Her research questions Internet practices in terms of components for political participation – information, discussion and citizens’ engagement – in the structures of representative government. She analyzes a variety of participatory mechanisms (participatory budgeting, consultation procedures, etc.) mobilizing ICT in France and throughout Europe. Along with empirical research, she has attempted to synthesize theoretical issues raised by the notion of ‘electronic democracy’ and the different methodologies used to study online productions.