Webinpolitics Workshop , Nov 17, 2014

Within the webinpolitics.com project, the IRENEE organized a webinpolitics.com workshop on Nov 17, 2014 in Nancy. This workshop-day was an apportunity to present and discuss the first results of the France-Québec research project webinpolitics, that has studied internet practices and strategies during the French presidential and Quebec parliamentary campaigns 2012, using various...  Lire la suite...

A book on the French 2012 campaign

Simon Gadras and Fabienne Greffet published a chapter in a book about the 2012 French presidential campaign, edited by Jacques Gerstlé and Raul Magni-Berton (in French). This chapter analyses how the six main candidates used the web during this campaign.  Read More

Participation in the World Congress of the International Political Science Association

In July 2014, members if the team webinpolitics.com presented papers and chaired panels at the world congress of the International Association of political Science – IPSA. Thierry Giasson chaired a session titled “Digital Citizenship in a Comparative Perspective”, including 6 papers : Marja Akerstrom and Philip Young. What do digital naturals demand from democracy? Andrew...  Lire la suite...

Participation in the Joint Sessions of the ECPR, April 2014

With Rachel Gibson and Marta Cantijoch, from the University of Manchester, Fabienne Greffet presented a paper titled “Friend or Follower?: The meaning of party membership in the Digital Age” at the Joint sessions of the European Consortium for Political Research -ECPR in Salamanca, Spain, April 10-15, 2014. The paper was part of the workshop “Contemporary meanings...  Lire la suite...

#QC2012 : The use of Twitter by the political parties in Quebec

Les Québécois aux urnes. Les partis, les médias et les citoyens en campagne, which concerns the most recent provincial electoral campaigns in Quebec, is available online and in bookstores. A chapter of the book, written by Thierry Giasson, Gildas Le Bars, Frederick Bastien and Melanie Verville,  focuses on the use of Twitter by the various political parties. Le Devoir has published...  Lire la suite...

Presentation of Webinpolitics.com Results at European conferences

In Autumn 2013, the members of the webinpolitics.com team attended several conferences in Europe to present some of the work done in the project. Here is the list of the présentations and conferences: 7th ECPR General Conference, Sciences Po Bordeaux (France), 4 – 7 September 2013 Frédérick Bastien, David Dumouchel et Thierry Giasson, “Cross-Cutting Exposure and...  Lire la suite...

Online political participation and its critics

The webinpolitics.com project supported the DEL network international symposium on “Online political participation and its critics”. This symposium was held at the CNRS in Paris the 19th and 20th of June, 2013. Lire la suite…  Read More

Twitter during the 2012 election in Quebec

Several members of the webinpolitics.com team conducted a study about the use of Twitter by political parties in Quebec during the campaign for the 2012 election. Lire la suite…  Read More

Online political expression in the French presidential campaign 2012.

An analysis of the role of online political expression for political participation during the French presidential election was conducted by Gersende Blanchard and Stéphanie Wojcik, two members of the webinpolitics.com. This work is based on the data gathered during the online survey carried on with web users who participated to the online French presidential campaign in may 2012. This...  Lire la suite...

First results of the online survey

webinpolitics.com presented the first results of an online survey with web users about the French presidential campaign on the web. Lire la suite…  Read More